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The Weis Revise


AccoladesMarilyn Weishaar is a veteran reporter, editorial writer and copy editor with a degree in journalism. During her 37 years in the newspaper business, she earned numerous state and national awards for writing and copy editing. She has often been recognized for her organizational skills, ability to work under pressure and attention to detail. She has been editing manuscripts since she retired in 2001.

From Her Clients

"All my novels are edited by Marilyn before I send them in to Simon & Schuster. I'm wordy and Marilyn has been fantastic about cutting to the meat of the story as well as helping to formulate correct time patterns, flow, character development and much more."

-- Naleighna Kai
  Every Woman Needs a Wife, Macro Publishing Group 2006
  Every Woman Needs a Wife, Simon & Schuster 2006
  Speak it into Existence, Macro Publishing Group 2006
  Mermaid, Macro Publishing Group 2008

"Marilyn does more than just edit. On my novel, which was picked up by Simon & Schuster, she did the critical fact-checking that was necessary for consistency. She is also one of the most thorough editors with whom I've had the pleasure of working."

-- J. L. Woodson
  Superwoman's Child: Son of a Single Mother (NAACP Image Award Nominee) Simon & Schuster, 2006

"I would never dream of submitting a manuscript for publication without sending it to Marilyn. She straightens out my fractured prose, snips a little here, suggests I add a little support there. Marilyn has become a cherished friend, so much so that I feel free to mine her wordsmith storehouse. I've asked her repeatedly about who/whom but it still hasn't penetrated my thick head. But I should worry? If I get it wrong, she'll fix it. I am convinced she is one of the best in the business ... she will simply make your manuscript sparkle."

--Scotty V. Casper
Member, Western Writers of America. Literature of the West for the World®
  Massacre at Bridal Veil Falls
  Marshaling the Rails

"I used to ask myself, 'Why would I ever need a prufreeder?' Now I realize that without Marilyn's help, my eleven Life of Fred books would just be good for doorstops and paperweights. She has read all my Life of Fred books with care. Her prices are reasonable, and she has a warm pleasant personality and is a pleasure to work with."

-- Stanley F. Schmidt

"The Weis Revise continually provides outstanding service in a timely manner. The quality of the work is excellent. Communication throughout the project allowed us to head off several potential problems before they slowed things down, and follow-up was first rate. Marilyn Weishaar and The Weis Revise take the pain out of editing a manuscript and get my highest recommendation. I will certainly use the service again."

-- Kevin Michalowski
Executive Editor
Concealed Magazine

"My pursuit of a competent editor included a due diligence review of several who advertise in prominent publications, including the Writer’s Digest. The sample edit of my work by Marilyn Weishaar provided the excellence I desired. Marilyn tunes the strings of the instrument while you compose your literary music. Marilyn is a thorough, efficient, personable and professional editor. If Marilyn edits it you can bet it will read easily and smoothly but will keep the author’s voice."

--James Orin Ogle

"Marilyn Weishaar was a godsend when I completed my first novel in my J.C. van Winkler series. I teach English and Communications and am able to create grammatically correct sentences, but I sometimes tend to be wordy. Marilyn turned my lengthy and sometimes awkward sentences into smooth, condensed thoughts, making my novel flow from beginning to end. She never altered my writing style but enhanced it with her professional touches. Thanks to her expertise and assistance I am editing my own books."

--Jan Frazier

"I submitted a manuscript to Marilyn Weishaar on the advice from my agent, who felt it required the finish polish before submission to a publisher. Subsequent to Marilyn's edits my agent who had nothing but the highest praise for the edits that did not change or alter the theme, but in fact made the story tighter and more to the point."

--Shannon Harrington