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The Weis Revise

Why hire a copy editor?

bookDo you want someone who will make your words and thoughts flow smoothly across the page? Someone who will point out redundancies and inconsistencies as well as correct grammar, spelling, and style?

Do you need someone who has the ability to edit accurately, quickly, and on deadline?

If your answer is YES, you've come to the right person -- Marilyn Weishaar at The Weis Revise. 

You have spent hours pouring your heart and soul into your work. Go one step further and turn your work over to Marilyn for a professional editing job.


One of the hardest things for writers to do is to edit their own writing. As the writer it’s almost impossible to catch all of the little things that can trip up a prospective publisher, agent or reader.

No matter how many times you read something you have written, you will likely miss a few small errors, such as:

- to or too?
- its or it's?
- that or which?
- leave the "r" out of shirt and you get sh-- well you get the picture.

Wisdom dictates The Weis Revise

Expert editor Marilyn Weishaar will put your manuscript through its paces during her literary boot camp for unshapely manuscripts. The Weis Revise revs up your manuscript's metabolism by excising wordy fat and dangling participle deposits. Seize the opportunity to trim the fat from your manuscript.

W- Wise

E- Edits

I- Indicate

S- Success!